Actor, Writer, Improv Coach, Creativity Training

Multi-talented, award-winning actor/writer/director and successful entrepeneur with more than 35 years experience teaching acting & improv to beginners and fellow professionals in all age groups.

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My new blog focuses on my first novel The King of Average The fantasy adventure of boy traveling in the Realm of Possibility to discover his true self.  “A Roald Dahl like adventure with the wit and wordplay of “The Phantom Tollbooth” 

Viola Spolin's Theater Games Master Classes - Online by Gary Schwartz

A free online video library of all 200 Spolin Theater Games successfully coached with expert commentary for teachers & directors.

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My personal blog regarding my first novel coming to a bookstore near you. Soon.


IMPROV - The heart of Improvisation is transformation. ODYSSEY - improvisation takes you on a journey to new places of creativity and inspiration.

The most influential thing in my life was my study of improvisation with the Mother of Improvisation, Viola Spolin.
In this blog I share my thoughts and musings on Viola Spolin's theories and practice.

If you are interested to learn more, visit my new website, IMPROV-ODYSSEY.COM