Actor, Speaker, Improv Coach, Creativity Training

Multi-talented, award-winning actor/writer/director and successful entrepeneur with more than 35 years experience teaching acting & improv to beginners and fellow professionals in all age groups.

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Viola Spolin's Theater Games Master Classes - Online by Gary Schwartz

A free online video library of all 200 Spolin Theater Games successfully coached with expert commentary for teachers & directors.

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IMPROV - The heart of Improvisation is transformation.
ODYSSEY - improvisation takes you on a journey to new places of creativity and inspriation.

The most influential thing in my life was my study of improvisation with the Mother of Improvisation, Viola Spolin.

In this blog I share my thoughts and musings on Viola Spolin's theories and practice.

If you are interested to learn more, visit my new website, IMPROV-ODYSSEY.COM